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If you are looking for timber balustrade for your terrace or balcony Sentrel has the best option

By / April 4, 2020

The best Timber Balustrade can be found on the Sentrel website; it is a pioneer in the vertical cable system. It has been on the market since 2007, offering high-quality panels and fences for swimming pools.
It is an Australian company that meets the established standards required by the country. You can request your quote online immediately without obligation, just fill out the form found on the website.

Sentrel manufactures the most sophisticated and elegant vertical cord timber balustrade on the market. You can be sure that your balcony, loft, or terrace will be distinguished and will be the sensation of all the neighbors.
They feature an award-winning Australian design incorporating Merbau or Spotted Gum wood rails and have vertically tensioned cables in marine grade stainless steel. It is an elegant design and offers extraordinary comfort to your home.
Also featuring aluminum railings with stainless steel rails, these Sentrel products are beautiful, practical, and safe. The timber balustrade is manufactured from finished panels that are delivered on-site. This gives you more flexibility, and installation is faster.
If you want to request a consultation, you can do it through the website; you will get your personalized quote without obligation. Just fill out the form and send the message; the staff will respond as soon as possible.
The timber balustrade requires more maintenance than those made of aluminum. If you want the installation to work and always look good, you must take care of it and maintain it. Sentrel has an informative brochure on wood care where you can get more information.
You should know that the tension in the wooden railings is manual, so over time, it may require a new tensioning. On the website, you can watch a video about re-tensioning the wooden railings.
On the website you can also see the images of the work they do, they have a “Gallery” section where you can see the photos of their wooden and aluminum railings.

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